Saturday, October 22, 2011

National Websites with State Ride Links

To Join, Register,or Track Updates to the Ride in your State~Please Click on the Links below and view Details of the 3rd National Armed Forces FreedomRide in your State ~Thanks again for your Support~


States Ride Coordinators

3rd National Armed Forces FreedomRide~May 19 2012
This National Event is formed by Individual  State Ride Coordinators, with the help of Veterans Groups,organizations,MC,RC,and Supporters 
and is a Voluntary program~ Each Individual State Ride Coordinator dedicates their time to form these Rides and may choose a Non Profit Charity of their choice to Donate Funds received from their Rides,that help Fund many needed areas for our Veterans and Troops~OR Simply gather to Honor ,and Show their Support on this given Day ~ 

The 33 States now in the Planning stage for May 19 2012 are~

If you as an Individual of your Group would like to help in your state, or interested in the Ride Details in your State  please contact me here or visit the National Website Link below

3rd National Armed Forces FreedomRide~May 19 2012

Our Mission once again is to see our Nation and it's people Stand United on Armed Forces Day to Honor and with a Showing of Support to all that have ever Served our Country. The MIA,POW,Veterans,Troops and their Family's ~
Armed Forces Day is a day that Honor’s every segment and branch of our Military~ of the Past, Present and all those that still stand Serving our Country~ To every Brave Man and Woman that has ever Served our Nation and our Country~